MoH Sets Records Straight on Whether Covid 19 Vaccination is Mandatory or Not


The Ministry of Health(MoH) earlier declaration that covid 19 vaccination was a mandatory procedure amongst all Kenyan citizens within the stipulated age brackets has now taken a new trajectory.

MoH Chief Administrative Secretary, Dr Mercy Mwangangi has today, December 22, 2021, set records straight on whether the vaccination process is mandatory or not.

Mercy revealed that Covid 19 vaccination is not a mandatory process, stating that MoH is not forcing anyone to get vaccinated.

“We do emphasize that we are not saying vaccination is mandatory but if you want the privilege of interacting with your community get vaccinated,” Dr Mercy Mwangangi stated.

However, she underscored the importance of getting vaccinated especially during this festive season. She articulated that accessibility of indoor services such as supermarkets, shopping malls, clubs, restaurants, banks would require citizens to produce a covid 19 vaccination certificate.

This, therefore, means that the stated buildings will only be accessible by those who are vaccinated.

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