Lioness Jumps on Man As He Opens Cage Gate. Watch What Happens

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Those who don’t watch the whole video can mistake it thinking the lioness is attacking the man.

Wild lionesses are almost always spotted while hunting. However, the ones living in zoos or as pets don’t have to hunt for the food of their pride. As a result, the lions become friendlier to people, especially those who take care of them. A heartwarming video is going viral on social media where you see a beautiful friendship of a man and a lioness. But those who don’t watch the whole thing can mistake it thinking the lioness is attacking the man.

The man, Val Gruener, is actually the caretaker of the lioness named Sirga at a reserve in the Kalahari desert of Botswana (Southern Africa). The 9-year-old lioness was raised by Val and they share a very loving relationship. He often shares mesmerising images of him and Sirga on Instagram. He has a separate account for Sirga called ‘sirgathelioness’ that has 78k followers.

He uploaded the following video a few weeks ago with the caption: “Kalahari catwalk”. The post has received around 2,700 likes. The video shows snippets of Sirga’s life at the Kalahari reserve. As the video begins, Val can be seen opening the gate of the lion enclosure. Then, Sirga jumps to greet him and cuddles them. They are then seen sitting and chilling together in the desert.

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