All Churches and Bars Should Be Closed and Night Curfew Imposed – Opinion


Our country is still recording new positive cases. Yesterday the country recorded more than 2800 positive cases and more than n 400 patients are admitted to different hospitals in the country after contracting Covid-19 infections.

According to the source, worrying details have emerged again about another deadly wave of Covid-19. It has been revealed that the fifth wave is expected to hit the country soon and millions of people will be infected. I quote some statement from Daily Nation Newspaper, ” Covid-19 fifth wave to infect two million people in Kenya before the current spiralling wave ends, experts projections show” some statement read.

This is a huge blow to all Kenyans because many will be infected if the fifth wave hit the country.


My opinion is that our beloved president Uhuru Kenyatta should introduce new measures to curb the spreading of this virus as soon as possible before the fifth wave enters the country. All churches and bars should be closed and night curfew imposed again. This will help our country to fight the coming wave.

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