Akurinu Bishop Who Drinks Alcohol Now Threatened for Confessing


Days after an Akurinu church bishop said openly he drinks alcohol but maintains his faith in the respected church, he has received some unspecified threats.

Bishop Nduati spoke after he was threatened.

Nduati wa Mwangi who is Bishop of Prophetic Ambassador of Christ International Church said he gained popularity on social platforms and on the ground after he spoke about his drinking tendencies.

However, his confession came with a bad side and that is verbal attacks and threats from some people majority of the members of his church.

He said will not be cowed but he warned that those people who said he should be beaten for humiliating the Akurinu church should know they will be held responsible if he is harmed.

“There is some who have resorted to insulting me using bad words. There is one who said if he meets me he will harm me. I will not insult him back neither plan to fight him” he said.

Adding: “But if that man thinks he is the holiest go ahead and harm but know if I am beaten out there you will face the law”.

He told people attacking him to focus on their lives as his lifestyle does not affect them in any way.

Nduati surprised people when he revealed he started drinking 15 years ago when he was still in secondary school in Murang’a and was still a member of the Akurinu church.

He said his favourite drink is Balozi. He was supported and attacked in equal measure on social media.

It is said a certain Akurinu singer has insulted and threatened him for coming out and saying that the popular Wagithomo singer Hezeh Ndung’u is a spiritual father and that is why he was nicknamed Hezeh Junior.

The angry singer called Hezeh Junior all manner of insults and said they will take unspecified action on him.

He said he will thrash him if they meet anywhere for allegedly humiliating the Hezeh Ndung’u family.

However, the drinking bishop told Nairobi News Now he will continue serving God and entertaining people in bars and other functions as that is what he is talented in and earns him a livelihood.

“Everybody know I admitted I drink and soon I will give names of those who have threatened me. I will not entertain hypocrisy” he said.

Adding; “As I said earlier, my faith remains intact. Me drinking alcohol is no different from that who takes water as far as I don’t insult, beat or interfere with anybody’s life”.

He is featuring on Kigooco Fm where he entertains listeners with gospel songs done in Akurinu style.

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