“It Is My Last Day On Earth” Student’s Last Words Before Suicide – Wilson Ombacho


Death is a despicable thing and no man wants it roaming around them. Though it is a painful ordeal to go through, some people see it as the only option to get peace after a difficult time on earth.

Wilson Ombacho, a 22-year-old student at the University of Nairobi lost his life by suicide leaving grief to his family and friends. Standard Digital which published the news on their official twitter page said that Ombacho bought drinks and food for his friends before taking his own life.

Those who were with him said that all that time he kept on saying, “Today is my last day on earth. So if you want food on my bill, take. If you want alcoholic my bill take. I want to join my mother in heaven so that I leave this world to you people who are happy in it.”

After that he borrowed ksh100 from a friend which he used to buy pesticide. He ingested it and lost his life. Lets stand with his family during this hard time as they grief their son. Flow the page for more news updates daily.

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