Zora: Mama Zora Goes to Fella’s House and Here is What Happens


When Yola is sister to Zora does she leaves some money to her mother mama Zora and she has been behaving so weirdly because of the money she was given. At first, she went to mzee Simba and told him that how could he leave such a beautiful woman and go for a very small girl like Fiata. Mzee Simba told him to go and leave his family alone because he is not interested in her.

When she left Mzee Simbas’s house she went to Zora’s house and found her with her husband Fella chilling in the house. She told Fella to go get some juice to drink. Fella told her that Zora is not feeling well. She started mocking her saying that he is not a responsible husband because he does not care about her daughter. Fella went to get her some drinks and she said that that drink is tasteless. Zora told her that to leave her house. She gets up and leaves the house staring at them.

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