Karen Nyamu Finally Accepts Defeat, Says She Cannot Replace Samidoh’s Wife [Video]


Karen Nyamu is a city lawyer and politician who has had a good share of controversies online especially because of relationship drama. What brought her to the limelight the most was the fact that she got involved with Mugithi singer Samidoh Muchoki who is married to a lady called Edith Nderitu.

Karen and Samidoh have a daughter together and currently expecting another baby. When asked about her relationship with Samidoh in an interview with Eve Mungai, she revealed that they are great friends and love their child so much.

Karen was then asked if she posts some things on social media to hurt Samidoh’s wife and her response was that whatever goes on between her and Samidoh is none of his wife’s business.

That she has never attacked Edith directly even if she has always had chances to do that because she holds nothing against her and she is not competing with her.

She said “We are not in competition. You cannot compete with someone you cannot replace. Huyo ni first lady, mama yao. Even if something happens to her, God forbid, I can still not replace her. That is someone I admire and respect as a mother and wife.”

This statement probably shows that she has accepted defeat and has realised that no matter what happens she cannot take Edith’s place in Samidoh’s life.

Listen to this part of the conversation from minute 19:00 in the video.

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