Captain Ali Shitiaro- KDF Officer Awarded Silver Star by Uhuru After Fighting Off Al Shabaab


The Silver Star was founded back in 1983 and it is awarded to soldiers for their bravery in times of war and thus to be accorded this honor, one must have done exceptionally well in the battlefield.

Yesterday, at the 58th Jamhuri Day Celebrations at Uhuru Gardens in Nairobi County, the President of Kenya awarded the Silver Star to a Kenya Defense Forces Soldier.

Boni Forest has been known to be a terrorist hideout for the Al Shabaab who have made the place their own but Kenya Defense Forces has done it’s best to root them out.

Captain Ali Shitiaro, who is in charge of counterterrorism and intelligence, came face to face with the enemy earlier on in May this year.

The ambush saw the unit that Captain Ali Shitiaro take heavy fire with two of his colleagues seriously wounded.

Captain Ali Shitiaro also took two bullets to his legs but he never gave in to unconsciousness and fought off the enemy alone while helping his colleagues as well.

The gallant and brave officer is said to have survived for six days in the forest with bullet wounds he sustained from the exchange fire with the terrorists.

“While still executing his role, he offered medical assistance to officers seriously injured. He was separated from his team and he survived for six days in Boni forest without food or water.” The MC at the Jamhuri Day event stated.

The incident took place on the 18th of May this year in Boni Forest found in the county of Lamu.

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