Man Who Claims To Have Rescued Diana Marua After Her Alleged Assault Was Her Lover

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A photo of the man who claims to have rescued Diana Marua after her alleged assault has emerged. The man who was identified as Mr Paul Makenzi says that he acted fast to save her from an incident where one Kenyan musician commonly known as Pozze attempted to force himself on her.

Paul, an agriculturalist, says that he was riding home from work the very day the incident happened and after noticing what was going on, he decided to save her. He however claimed that Diana could not recognize him since he was in a helmet and it was not easy to identify him by his voice.

This comes after Diana Marua used her YouTube channel to reveal that the famous singer Pozze tried to force himself on her a few years ago.

According to Diana, it took her a long time to reveal it to the public because at that time, she had no voice and no one would believe her.

Pozze however has denied the allegations while mocking Diana after releasing her two songs, claiming that she is just looking for ways of being famous.

Diana Marua, who is now known as Diana B in the music industry, has come out with strong criticism against her fellow musician Pozze. She is open about being attacked and her tears would reveal that what really happened had a profound effect on her life but she has been silent for a long time.

However, Pozze has accused her of trying to tarnish his image, saying it was because of his new song ‘My Woman’ which has been circulating online.

It is alleged that Diana Bahati was having an affair with Paul before they even met with Willy Paul. It is not confirmed about the extent of their relationship, however, It looks like they are together in the rape lie.

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