“Ambia Bwana Yako Ulilala Kwangu” – Willy Paul to Diana Marua


In the recent past, wife to popular musician Diana marua posted a video in social media platforms the giving out allegations that Willy Paul raped her. The gospel singer has finally broken his silence and come to his defence responding to Diana marua for tarnishing his name in the social media.

According to the video that was published by Kenya gossip club TV in their YouTube account, emotional Willy Paul is decrying that Diana marua and Bahati want to bring him down by creating fake contents and faking things so that people can believe it is a true story.

According to Willy Paul, they had friendship with Diana marua and even they spent a night together but not that he raped her according to how she said.

Willy Paul told Diana marua to tell his husband the truth that he didn’t rape her but they spent the night together. “Ambia Bwana Yako Ukweli, Ulilala Kwangu”. Emotional Willy Paul said revealing that the beef between him and the Bahati’s family has started for a long period of time and this has gone too much but he prayed that God will forgive them since he will not sue them or do anything to them.

According to the video willy Paul has also defended himself saying that what happened between him and Diana marua is just exchanging numbers and if they would want to go to safaricom database they will deliver more conversation between the two.

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