‘Te Doy La Vida’ episode 60 Updates


Jimmy calls Pedro concerning putting Ernesto behind bars. As they were still talking, Ernesto makes his way into the house silently so as to kill Jimmy. On seeing him, Jimmy who is now using a wheelchair gets so scared.**

Jimmy begs him not to kill him because he will not betray him. Ernesto accepts to let him live but if he opens his mouth he will finish him off.

Elena visits Pedro and asks for forgiveness for always doubting him. Pedro forgives her right away and kisses her. He promises to always fight for her and always be together. They both enjoy their moment before Elena leaves.

Elena goes back home and finds Ernesto, she confronts him for being the one behind her father’s fraud. While quarrelling Nico comes and supports his father. Elena tries to make him understand that his father was not a good man but he doesn’t listen.

Elena goes to her lawyer to speak about her family issue. Ernesto calls her and threatens to tell Nico about his real father in her absence. Elena gets scared and rushes back home,on arrival,the police were waiting for her since Ernesto had accused her falsely. She is not allowed to get into the house. Ernesto and Nicole comes out of the house. Ernesto tells Nico in front of Elena that his real father was Pedro and that he abandoned him when he was young.

Nico gets so angry to hear these,he runs away from home.

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