Mutahi Ngunyi Won’t Like What Kenyans Told Him For Saying This To Ruto

Mutahi Ngunyi and William Ruto

Mutahi Ngunyi has been on the receiving end of hungry Ruto supporters. According to his post which did not amuse Ruto’s supporters, Mutahi claims that there have been roummers that he has endorsed Ruto for 2020 presidency which is not true.

“FAKE NEWS has it that I have ENDORSED William Ruto. I want to CONFIRM to the COUNTRY that this is NOT FAKE. I have ENDORSED Ruto for a POSITION that will not be there in 2022. And this is because “…Ruto is a BLIND man, in a DARK room, CHASING a BLACK cat, that is NOT There”,”-Mutahi Ngunyi posted on Twitter.

His remarks stired up Twitter, hungry Ruto supporters did not let him go free. Here are some reactions.

“Does your endorsement count? Prof you were once relevant, we once listened to your analysis until your opinions started swaying to the highest bidder, if today you endorsed anyone I know it wouldn’t be because of your political analysis but because they paid for it.”-Mr. Snide

did you endorse uhuru and kibaki or maybe moi leave alone kenyarra. Before 2022,tutaona maajabu.Kijana acha mihadarati!!!”-shaha

“It was takatanga zombies who were spreading that like, Ngunyi is just clarifying,,What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? The Hustler Nation is unstoppable!”-Phil Munda

“Saa zingine jiheshimu. Ruto is not your wife ukishinda ukimtaja taja hapa”-Chebet

“Have You Finished Serving Tea to Your Master??Ama You are Still Arranging the Flags ?? RUTO does not need your ENDORSEMENT because you are a mere BOOTYLICKER who Finds refuge where there are Goodies !!!”-PoliticalGeni15

“Once again I take this opportunity to whisper to your ear that Ruto is a movement. He is unstoppable!”-Waithîra Margaret

“You dont sound convinced about what you are saying about the dp. When the brain and the stomach are in conflict”-Karen Nyamu

“This right here is how delusion presents CLINICALLY; a controversial CONSULTANT and bogus oracle, waiting for strategists and candidates to court him for an endorsement that is as valuable as a FORTY SHILLING NOTE”-Eric Ng’eno

“imagining a blind man chasing a black cat in darkroom”-Moses githuga

“You are not that influential Prof. At some point your hubris met and again will meet your nemesis. You have angered the gods.”-CyrusKublai

“Yours is 1 vote… Nothing more…We used to look up to your knowledge and opinions but unfortunately you are now a blogger for the statehouse”-KariukiKenn

“Mutahi ngunyi urgently needs mental health care.”-Abdulrahman Mohyair

“We’ve our votes with us, you got a single vote just like mine. Nobody is desperate for your endorsement. But I would like to remind you NYS filed will be reopened in 2022.”-barmuriat muriat

“William Ruto can’t be endorsed by YOUR people because they are selfish and they only wish an endorsement to one of there own only. Ruto and Raila have both been betrayed by Mount Kenya before Why should they wait for an endorsement in 2022 again?”-Mohammed Billow

Mutahi Ngunyi reveals that branding Ruto as a thief is a tactic that won’t work.

“For the Nth TIME: Without Kikuyus Ruto is Nothing. ZERO. And MAYBE they will give him Kiambaa because he likes Kiambaa. But they will LAND him the FINAL REVENGE in 2022 during a RUN-OFF. Mark this TREND!”

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