“He Raped Me” Diana Marua ‘s Story Of How Willy Paul Raped Her


Today Diana Bahati has decided to talk about one of the darkest moments in her past. For the first time, Diana has talked about how Willy Paul who is a Famous Gospel Artist in Kenya almost raped her. Diana talked about how Willy Paul Choked her and she started screaming and that is when Willy Paul let her neck go.

Diana has Revealed that she is a victim of gender based violence and she even took an OB number from the police. Diana has Revealed that she will be seeking for justice very soon and for all the women who had undergone this ordeal on the hands of Willy Paul. Diana Revealed she is very ready to appear in court. Diana really broke down in her video and was just crying hysterically. Diana is mad at Willy Paul for Willy Paul trying to tarnish Diana’s name for ages.

However some Kenyans believe Diana is telling the truth while some Kenyans believe Diana and Willy Paul are doing this for clout. See Screenshots of Kenyans Reactions about Diana’s story.

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