He Wanted to Sleep with me Inside his Car After Lifting my Skirt up – Diana Marua


Diana Maria, the Kenyan latest female rapper in town has left many talking after alleging that a former gospel singer forcefully wanted her in bed. On an emotional video that she posted on her YouTube channel, the musician claimed that Pozze wanted to forcefully eat her forbidden fruits without her consent, this happened years ago before she made it official that she is attached to Pozze’s counterpart, Bahati.

According to Diana, Pozze was salivating on her three years ago when he approached her but unfortunately, she turned down his proposals. Despite being turned down, Pozze went ahead to touch her critical parts of the body an implication that he was so much into her. Bahati’s wife also said that Pozze has been peddling rumours claiming that he slept with her.

Diana said that Pozze is only clout chasing using her name, she further stated that using her name created a very big fanbase for his songs. According to Diana, her friends and fans wanted to hear her side of the story after Pozze claimed that he slept with her. When it happened 3 years ago, Diana remained silent about being accused by the jigi jigi hitmaker, and it took her 3 years to open up to her husband abound Pozze’s misconduct.

Recalling the incident, Diana said that on a fateful day, Pozze requested to talk to her and asked her if she could join him in his house, due to security reasons and the informality in them then, Diana was forced to decline the proposal. Pozze later suggested that they talk in his car which Diana accepted, while in the car Pozze quickly sped the vehicle as he increased the music’s volume, this made it hard for Diana to scream.

After reaching an apartment, Pozze made another request by asking Diana to join him, she denied it anyway forcing Pozze to jump on her, he raised her skirt and even tore it, Diana was forced to scream making Pozze get scared, he was forced to jump off her as Diana opened the door and ran for her safety.

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