Why Uhuru Kenyatta Should Attend Raila Odinga’s Kasarani Meeting

The star opinion poll has revealed whether or not president Uhuru Kenyatta should attend Raila Odinga big day in kasarani.

The Orange Democratic Movement leader is expected to declare his candidature in the fourth coming general election.

Raila Odinga and president Uhuru Kenyatta reunited after the 2017 hotly contested general election between the two.

The handshake was brought into place in match 2018 which made Uhuru Kenyatta to part ways with president Uhuru kenyatta.

President Uhuru Kenyatta since then have been working close in most cases like during the popularisation of the Building Bridges Initiative.

The ODM leader has declare Friday 10th of December 2021 as the day he will declare his presidential candidature where his team has invited different dignitaries including former and sitting foreign presidents.

In Kenya, it’s still unclear whether or not President Uhuru Kenyatta will attend the event which he has been invited bearing in mind that he should be traveling to Tanzania.

ACCORDING to the star opinion poll, the president is free to choose on whether to attend or not. According to the result, the NO side has 49% while the YES side still 51% hence giving the president neutral ground to choose.

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