Rip: Photos of Men Gunned Down By Killer Cop Benson Imbatu


Detectives in Nairobi are investigating an incident where a rogue police officer shot his lover and several other people.

According to reports Imbatu was armed with an AK-47 before he killed his lover and left for the streets.

Afterwards shooting down several unsuspecting residents the killer officer turned the gun on himself and committed suicide.

However, eyewitnesses who spoke to the media have revealed how the agitated officer wanted to kill everyone along his way.

James mwangi a resident said he was at one of the local bus stations accompanied by two ladies when all hell broke loose.

“He saw us and sprayed the area we had stood with bullets, i am luck to be alive, i dashed out of the scene saving my life, he said.

The shocking incident has attracted backlash with locals protesting of some bizarre killings ny police officers.

IPOA has also commenced the investigation with locals urging the government to help them bury their kins and help all the kids left behind.

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