Manzi Wa Kibera Sheds Tears Live on Camera After Krg Surprised Her


One of the richest and famous dancehall artists in Kenya Krg the don made Kenyan upcoming socialite Manzi Wa Kibera to Shed tears live on camera after he surprised her with some cash and amazing deal.

Speaking in an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Krg the don said that Manzi wa Kibera is a girl who hustles for herself and he really wants to change her life by giving her a vixen job in his latest song and also a job in his new lounge along Ngong Road.

Krg started by surprising Manzi wa Kibera with 10,000ksh and then promised to pay her another 20,000ksh and also a Christmas shopping when she finishes the role of being a vixen in his latest song.

This was the best news ever for Manzi wa Kibera in her all life, she admitted that nobody has ever surprised her with such amount of money.

Manzi wa Kibera was very emotional and she shed endless tears and thanked Krg the don for making her christmas special with the cash and the deal. I mean it was s very good day for Manzi wa Kibera, she said that in her whole life she has never received an mpesa message of 10,000ksh from anyone and that money together with the other that Krg will add her will really boost her this festive season.

Here is the Link to the Full Video on YouTube.

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