Kabete Survivor Narrates How He Escaped Massacre [VIDEO]

Kabete survivor

One of the two survivors in the Kabete shooting has opened up on how he survived the night of horror that claimed six lives.

The survivor told journalists that he was in the company of a friend in the wee hours of the morning when they met the police officer identified as Benson Imbatu, a police constable attached to the Kabete police station.

According to the survivor, Imbatu ordered them to stop and raise their hands and the two friends who had come from a night vigil complied with the directive.

The two thought they were being arrested but the cop opened fire and shot at them. The survivor stated that his friend was shot in the chest and the bullet grazed him in the arm.

As the two were running away, the cop fired more shots and fatally shot the other man in the head.

The survivor told the press that he ran away with blood oozing from his hand and went back to the vigil and that is when he realized that his friend had been fatally shot.

Friends and colleagues at the vigil administered first aid and took the man to the hospital where doctors saved his life.

The survivor was among two people who are nursing injuries following the Tuesday morning, incident. Residents of Kabete described the night as terrifying as they recounted to the press how bodies were left in the cold.

Boda boda operators whose colleagues were among the victims stated that they were at their station when a probox stopped near them and a police officer got out and opened fire.

According to the boda boda operators, the occupant of the vehicle opened fire at the market while a motorcycle was passing close by. The officer who went berserk is accused of killing his wife before leaving his house and shooting five other civilians.

According to sources, Imbatu was previously attached to the presidential escort unit during former President Mwai Kibaki’s reign before being deployed to the Kabete police station.

The source disclosed that Imbatu, who was a chain smoker, maintained an introverted character as he always kept to himself. The police constable did not have any indiscipline case on his file as he maintained a clean record.

The silent nature, according to the source, appeared to disguise a peculiar yet dangerous character about Imbatu. This intuition made him keep limited conversations outside office hours with Imbatu.

“Last week, he went to his girlfriend’s business premises and caused a commotion by damaging property and destroying some alcoholic bottles. After the chaos, he left the shop, seemingly angry over a particular issue,” the source intimated to Kenyans.co.ke.

The police officer further hinted that another motive could be behind Imbatu’s killing spree, pointing out that the deceased’s mental wellbeing had snapped. He revealed that Imbatu had suspected that the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) were on his trail in regards to a past case where the cop had killed a civilian.

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