Magoha’s Takes A Bold Move As CBC Goes To Universities and Colleges


The government of Kenya introduced a new system of education that initiated a new competency-based curriculum (CBC) that focus more on practical than theory. Pupils are taught more on practical for proper mastery of the concept in practical terms.

However, the cabinet secretaries of education Prof George Magoha has taken competence-based curriculum to universities and colleges. According to the ministry of education, some courses in the University will be reviewed to suit the new system of education that focuses on a competence-based curriculum.

CBC moves to universities and colleges with the aim of reviewing courses ahead of rollout. The courses offered in universities and colleges should suit CBC as the system of education changed. Most of the courses offered in universities and colleges go as per the 8.4.4 education system.

The new curriculum is building skills in learners in practical terms than theory. The ministry of education asked all educational stakeholders including parents and society at large to help the government in pushing and support the new system of education and it’s new curriculum.

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