Viral Video: Girl Tries to Take Cute Selfie, Falls in Muddy River. Watch

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This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen someone falling into water while taking a selfie.

We have seen many instances where people try to take selfies in dangerous places or even normal places and one moment of carelessness can turn into a huge disaster. This would also not be the first time we’ve seen someone falling into the water while taking a selfie.

This time, a woman was trying to record a cute video from the front camera of her phone while dancing and with the river in the background. She could be seen looking beautiful in a blue dress and black heels, jumping on the river’s edge with a phone in her hand.

The combination of the muddy land and jumping in heels didn’t go as planned and she ended up falling in the muddy river. Fortunately, she seemed okay as the water was shallow but it was dirty and ruined her outfit. The video was shared on Instagram by the user ‘hephul5’ a day and it has gone viral with thousands of views and likes.

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