Carrol Sonie Has Been Cheating on Mulamwah with Comedian Propesa – Screenshot



Carrol Sonie and Mulamwah have left tongues wagging in the manner that they’ve hastened moving on to other partner(s). The duo have become household names recently for their break-up, barely 2 months after they welcomed their first born daughter; Keilah Oyando. Their break-up wasn’t imminent as they had also separated for some time last year & re-united months later.

We’re yet to find out if this time they’ll re-kindle their love once again; since Mulamwah already introduced his new bae monikered Ruth.

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Although the two have now confirmed they’re no longer an item, they remain adamant to talk about what transpired amid their separation. However, Mulamwah claims that he will red p**l Kenyans on the same soon enough.

Cheating Allegations

After Mulamwah moving on, Sonie might have also found herself a jester to replace him. Her love for comedians is evident. Popular comedian Propesa has ignited dating rumours after his cryptic caption on his Instagram. Posting an adorable photo with Carrol, the comedian wrote;

And their matching outfits also says it all. This might be the beginning of another love story, but will it be a happy ending?

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