“Nilichapwa na Bibi Yake wa Ushago” Carol Sonie on why she Broke Up With Mulamwah

comedian mulamwah reunites with girlfriend sonie months after split

Carol Sonnie has revealed the real reason why she decided to break up with Mulamwah despite them dating for years and recently having a beautiful baby girl who is now three months old. Carol also revealed the huge amount of money she expects from Mulamwah every month.

In a candid phone conversation with Hivi punde news, Carol Sonie revealed that she broke up Mulamwah because he is broke and has another wife in Kitale who recently beat her thoroughly and pulled her dreadlocks until 10 came out. Sonie also said that moving forward, she will file a child support case against Mulamwah and she expects one million monthly from him.

Asked how she expects Mulamwah to raise one million monthly despite saying that he is broke, Carol Sonnie said that she expects Mulamwah to work his ass off for their daughter and herself to live comfortably. Carol plans to use the 1 million to take her daughter for a 100k photoshoot monthly, buy clothes worth 200k, rent a house worth 200k and save 500k for their daughter’s financial security in future.

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