Details Leak on How NIS Thwarted A Plan To Heckle and Embarrass Uhuru Last week


Any presidential event is usually characterized by heavy security vigilance before and after the event.

This is usually aimed at making sure that nothing goes wrong and that the President is not caught in an embarrassing situation like being heckled.

The National Intelligence Service is a Government security organ that is consequently tasked with updating the president before he attends a key event.

Details have today emerged showing that President Uhuru was last week saved from a big embarrassment by the NIS.

According to a publication by the Daily Nation today, the National intelligence Service warned Uhuru about attending the Jubilee NDC on 30th November last week.

The NIS had earlier on received intelligence that there were a group of spies in the party who had colluded with outsiders to heckle Uhuru.

This is the reason according to the Nation why President Uhuru had to postpone the event.

President Uhuru had been expected to formalize the long awaited merger between Jubilee and Raila’s ODM.

He was also expected to make a case to his delegates on why he was no longer seeing eye to eye with his Deputy Ruto.

This is coming at a time Ruto and his allies have dismissed the looming Jubilee-ODM coalition.

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