Zora: Nana is Pregnant for Milton


Nana is claiming to be carrying Oliver’s child and that she weds the late Oliver in the DC’s office before he died Milton and Nana are against Loretta and they are not on good terms with her because Loretta knows many secrets and they do not want her.

Nana has been accusing her saying that she is so old and she is not married yet and maybe she is so jealous because of Nana’s Pregnancy. She had given her notice to get out of her house but Loretta told her that after chasing Madiba and his innocent kids she is not ready to go anywhere.

Milton is also not on good terms with Loretta and in today’s episode, we will see Him telling Her that she should leave the house because he was given her share in the will and she has overstayed in that house. Loretta said that she is not going anywhere.

She told him that he cannot chase her and Nana is in that house yet she is not even sure if she is carrying Oliver’s pregnancy. When she said that Nana was shocked and seems to be ashamed because she knows that the baby is carrying is not Oliver’s.

Loretta left them in while their mouths are wide open and Milton followed her. Nana was left alone and she was shocked because Loretta seems to know what is happening. She was left touching his tummy and speechless.

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