Queen Amina; The Northern Warrior Who Killed Every Man She Slept With


Princess Amina was born in Zaria in the north-west region of Nigeria. Amina was born in the 16th century to King Nikatau,m and Queen Bakwa Turunku. Princess Amina grew up in her grandfather’s court, who taught her carefully in political and military matters.

At age sixteen, Amina was named Magajiya (heir apparent), and was given forty female slaves ( kuyanga). A lot suitors attempted to marry her at an early age. These suitors offered slaves, clothes and jewelry just to gain her hand in marriage.

Her brother became King after death of their parents in 1556. Amina was a leading warrior in her brother’s cavalry and gained notoriety for her military skills. Princess Amina ascended to throne after thr death of her brother in 1576.

As Queen, Amina waged a 34-year campaign against her neighbors, to expand Zazzau territory. She had a formidable army that consisted of 20,000 well trained foot soldiers and 1,000 fearsome cavalry troops. She and her Calvary of soldiers conquered large tracts of land as far as Kwararafa and Nupe.

According to Legends, Queen Amina was unmarried but rather took a new lover in every town she went through. Each of these men were said to be killed in the morning and the reason being that none of them should live to tell the tale of his affair with the Queen. Queen Amina dominated and controlled more territories than ever before. She surrounding and cities by earthen walls to protect them and continue her dominance.

Queen Amina Of Zaria, died in a place called Attagar. She’s still celebrated and songs of her legendary are being sang in the North till today. She’s regarded as “Amina the daughter of Nokatau, a woman as capable as man that was able to lead men to war”. Don’t forget to like, comment and share.

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