Jubilations In UDA As 2 More Powerful And Influential Central Leaders Joins Party


Celebrations are set right in the United Democratic Alliance of William Ruto following the defection of two more legislatures into the party.

UDA has been receiving defectors from other parties mainly the Jubilee party where William Ruti is the deputy party leader.

UDA was formed after the fallout between president Uhuru Kenyatta and deputy president William Ruto back in 2018 following handshake between the president and opposition chief Raila Odinga.

Today, the deputy president William Ruto and his troops have visited Nyeri county where he continued championing the bottom up economic model. Ruto said bottom up is the best economic approach for this great nation.

In what is seen to encourage his supporters, the second in command said the next government will be a government of all since everybody will have something to do in the country.

Deputy president was talking in karatona market Nyeri county where he said, ” Katarina market in nyeri county has remained an economic landmark supporting hundreds of livestock. Under our Bottom_up Economic model, such markets will be the centre economic growth as the government provides finances to sample traders in order to boost their business. We are determined to grow our economy from the bottom,” Ruto said.

While giving out the names of leaders who accompanied him, it’s evident that the deputy president your has gained him slot. This is after Rindikiri Mugambi of Buuri constituency and Rahab Mukami of Nyeri constituency appearing in the list.

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