You Can Steal Anything In Kenya If You Are Not My Friend; Angry Ruto Indirectly Tells Uhuru


Williz Samoei Ruto is the vice president of Kenyan government and also the United Movement Party, leader. He is one of the Politicians in Kenya who will be vying for the presidential seat come next year 2022. The second in command is moving all over the country campaigns for the presidential votes come next year.

Today, William Ruto has been in a meeting with the UDA supporters from all over the country in his Karen home Nairobi. In his speech,Ruto has said that Uhuru’s government is surrounded with, thugs and criminals in the name of Handshake. Ruto has also questioned the KEMSA scandal whereby the taxpayers who are Kenyans lost a large amount of money and the suspected leaders who were behind the scandal are walking freely. “The same suspected leaders are threatening me to leave the already death jubilee party.” William Ruto.

“You can Still Anything in Kenya if you are not my friend,”Ruto Angrily tells Uhuru.

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