Homa Bay Town Mp Fumes At Migori People For Failing To Give Cs Mercy A Husband


Honourable George Peter Kaluma has criticized the Migori residents for failing to produce a husband to Dr Mercy Mwangang’i.

According to him, CS Mercy asked the Migori residents to give her a husband however they did not, Kaluma later came out to allege that no beautiful lady such as Mercy had ever challenged the Migori residents and later return back to her home unmarried

The MP condemned the Migori residents as he welcomed Raila and Mercy Mwangang’i back to the region. However, people kept Wondering whether she was serious or not

“No sharp, beautiful and powerful lady has ever tempted Luos and returned to her parents! Migori people failed u

Dr Mercy Health karibu na Baba Raila Odinga to Homa Bay.” Stated Homa Bay Town Mp George Peter Kaluma

This comes days after the IEBC urged the cabinet ministers to stay away from politics and instead focus on their duties .

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