What Ruto was Told By Angry Kenyans After Received By Huge Crowd Machakos


Vice President William Ruto today toured Machakos, where he was welcomed by locals. Ruto, who is running for president in 2022, wants to get as many votes as possible and break down his political stronghold.

In his speech today, he and his party, the United Democratic Alliance, publicly endorsed him for the presidency in the upcoming elections.The place is painted yellow as many locals wear costumes depicting its feasts.

During the speech, he spoke of his underground political system, which he strongly advocated as a way to improve the lives of Kenyans without money. It also seeks to empower young men and women to do business.

Ruto is keen on seeing him win the upcoming general election as Kenya’s fifth president.I have a question, Machakos. Do you want some kind of low-cost or complex economy? Do you want us to start at the bottom or do you want confusion?

Did you say you wanted a proverb? In response, locals are heard saying that they want manifestos on the state of the economy and that they do not want kitendawili. Machakos was a stronghold of Raila Odinga, but things have changed.

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