Two Nurses Beaten Badly By Patients After They Were Caught Enjoying ‘Unprotected Session’ In A Ward


A bizarre incident has been reported hours ago concerning two Tanzanian nurses who were caught enjoying the ‘forbidden fruit’ in one of the beds in a female ward. As reported by ‘Mwanainchi media’ the nurses left place of work and went away to refresh their minds.

They actually came back heavily drunk and even patients were afraid that they may cause harm if they administer medication while heavily drunk. It has been reported that the nurses were seemingly so tired and patients saw them heading to a female ward. After some minutes, they noticed that they were actually enjoying ‘unprotected sessions’ something which prompted the angry patients to descend on them. It has also been reported that they were badly beaten to an extent that doctors had to admit them. The news was forwarded to the management team who decided that the nurses should be sacked since they’re seriously misusing place of work and what they did was a misconduct.

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