“Tunataka Wanaume” Women From Gatundu Demonstrate For Lack Of Men Who’ve Indulged in Drugs


Residents most especially young women and mothers in Matara village, Gatundu North have raised an alarm for the lack of brilliant men to marry and start families with.

According to K24 digital news reports, the women who demonstrated in their locality have explained the loneliness they are going through as several young men have indulged themselves in drug and substance abuse. The reports claim that the young men in the beautiful village have been turned to zombies who concentrate on illicit alcohol intake and ‘weed’ smoking, which has made young ladies seek for spouses from far.

Speaking to K24 reporters, Salome Nyambura (a concerned resident) stated: “Mataara used to be a very productive village producing the highest tonnes of tea in the country alongside other crops such as avocados and commercial fruits.

Youths who used to work in farms are no longer there as most went to urban centres and the remaining ones have turned to abuse of drugs thereby rendering them unproductive.”

Just Wanjiku, another concerned resident stated; “We used to have officers but they left Mataara years ago. We now have an empty police post that has been up for two years now without officers in it. This, poor parenting alongside other factors is the sole cause of the crisis we have.”

The local authorities have promised to take a look into the issue and lock out all the loop holes used in trafficking plus ensure these young men are rehabilitated.

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