“After Leaving Citizen TV I Became Very Broke and We even used to Sleep Hungry” Kate Actress


Catherine Kamau well known as Kate Actress is one of the best female actresses in Kenya, however, the story behind her success is very sad because she has gone through several hardships. Speaking in an Interview with Churchill Kate Narrated the whole story and how she managed to become successful after getting a child at her younger age.

Kate said that after completing form four she was taken to Uganda at Kampala University, where it only took her 3 months to get pregnant. She was forced to drop out of school for two years to take care of her infant. After two years she returned back to school and joined a media school, however she didn’t complete her studies because she landed a lucrative job at Citizen TV, where she acted as Selina in the Mother in the law program.

After playing the role of Selina for three years, she decided to quit the job and challenge herself because she wanted to grow. This was the toughest time in her whole life because her husband Philip had also left Citizen, they were both unemployed, though Philip found a Job at KTN, before that they were both broke and they used to sleep hungry.

Kate said that she was broke for two years before landing in another Multimillion promotion job happic company. This opened a door for her and she started getting endorsement deals and also featuring in several TV programs, which include ‘Sue and Johnny’, which was aired at Maisha Magic.

Her journey off-late has been full of success, and currently, she is living a very lavish life and driving a very expensive vehicle. She advised all the young actors and actresses to trust the process and never give up in life.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube

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