My Husband Dumped Me In Rwanda With Our 3-Year Old Child And Took In Another Woman

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Most people live with regrets after things cease to work according to their expectations yet it is said that everything happens for a reason. Meet Njeri Kabiru as she shares her story with Carol Kinyugo Mwaura is a program known as This Is Me.

In the interview, Njeri says she was born and raised in Dandora together with her twin sister and her younger sister. She is 32 years and is a mother of one. In her childhood days, life was not easy since they were from a humble background.”I remember in primary we studied in over 12 schools because whenever our fees pilled up we moved on to another school,” she says.

In form 2, she met someone who loved and valued her and since she was innocent and naive, they started dating. He was very supportive and in form 4, she realized she was pregnant. The guy talked to her parents and though it wasn’t easy, they allowed them to stay together. Njeri later birthed a baby girl and after 3 months her husband was transferred to Rwanda and they went together.

Life was good and very peaceful but after 2 years, she realized her husband was a cheat. After doing more of her research, she realized he was involved with a number of women including some of her friends. It was painful and she came back to Kenya. At a certain time, she decided to go see her husband after a long time and she found another woman at home and her husband shamelessly told her that she loved the lady as much as he loved Njeri.

The next day she boarded back to Kenya with her child and decided to move on. It wasn’t easy since she didn’t have capital so she started from scratch and her daughter kept asking when they would have seats in the house. Njeri kept praying to God to show her what to do as she kept washing people’s clothes and other meagre jobs.

Then one day she got an idea of making a table using Tyre and wood. She tried and it wasn’t that bad. That is where she started functional art and God has been uplifting her from one level to another. Her dream is to start up an art school in Kenya and she believes with God everything is possible.

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