Tension High in DP Ruto’s Camp As Itumbi Leaks Planned Allegations on Ruto’s Tour


Political games, chaos, and chaos from rowdy youths in rallies is something that deserves immediate address. The behaviour may not be ending anytime soon, with many opposing political leaders taking advantage of unemployed youths to involve them in malicious activities. This article will explain the fear and tension facing DP Ruto’s camp ahead of his visit to Ndaragwa.

Dennis Itumbi, former State House Digital Strategist and chief DP Ruto spokesperson early morning messages raised concerns over the security of Ruto while in his tour today in Ndaragwa.

According to the message Dennis Itumbi leaked on his social media account early in the morning, an unnamed police officer in Ndaragwa informs him that the area MP is planning to disrupt DP Ruto’s rally.

The officer explained that Hon Jeremiah Kioni has aligned a group of youths – paid token of 1500 each to storm William Ruto’s rally and cause chaos.

The allegations have raised tension over how safe the second in command would be while on his tour in Ndaragwa.

To sum up, Dennis Itumbi has leaked Hon Jeremiah Kioni’s alleged plans of disrupting Ruto’s rally. The allegations are yet to be clarified but have already created tension in DP Ruto’s camp.

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