Evil Housemaid: Boy 13 Sneaked Into her Bedroom to Sleep With Her While Parents Were Asleep


A 13 year-old boy shocked a magistrate while narrating how he would sneak into the bedroom of their domestic manager and sleep with her. The incident is said to have been going on for over 8 months before he was discovered after his sibling spilled the beans to their parents who secretly installed CCTV cameras.

According to The People Daily digital news media platform, the testimony by the teenager was given on camera as the prosecutor cross-examined him over his traumatic experience with the suspect during her days as their maid in their Nairobi home. However, he told the honourable court that he was doing it on his own volition and was never forced according to witness statements by the police who arrested the suspect after complaints by his parents.

He further narrated that he would sneak around 1AM-4PM when all his parents were asleep and have unprotected sex sometimes upto 3 times since he didn’t have money for buying protection. The housemaid who is currently remanded was for engaging indecently with a minor was denied bail after the judge ruled that she could influence and interfere with witnesses.

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