Akothee’s Baby Daddy Who Has Offered 60k Monthly For Child Support Leaving Kenyans Talking


Child support is a vital obligation that every man should engage in just in case he has sired an offspring with any woman. The Kenyan law provides that the woman stays with the kid until age 18 when he/she can be able to make a decision on whether to stay with the dad or the mum.

Celebrity Akothee has elicited immense reactions when she expressed dissatisfaction following her mzungu baby daddy’s offer on child support.

The Mzungu offered that he will only churn out Ksh. 60,000 every month. She said that she expected the mzungu to part with more than 60k because he is white and so probably perceived to be rich.

Akothee said that the amount was too little for her needs as that is equal to the amount of cash she uses to maintain one of her pools per month.

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