‘Shukeni Kwa Gari Yangu’ Ruto Badly Embarrass, Humiliates Gachagua, Sudi and Governor Sang


The deputy president William Ruto is today in Nandi county meeting with the people in a series of rallies. DP Ruto was forced to tell some of his allies to come down from his car for he could not even see the people who had moved to speak to in Nandi county.

DP Ruto made it clear that he was in the county to meet with the people as leaders will have a moment with him. Ruto told them it’s not for any bad reason but for the fact that he had to see the people he was speaking to.

DP Ruto warned leaders against climbing on top of his car whenever he was addressing the public for they are giving him a hard time. DP Ruto made it clear that he cannot get in touch with the people for some leaders are even on top of his car when he wants to see the people he is addressing.

DP Ruto angry with the move of this leaders who were Sudi and Gachagua as well governor Sang urged them to come down. Ruto made it clear it’s not proper for leaders to sarround his car like bees untill he cannot see the people he is supposed to adress.

Here is a video link:

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