RIP: Five Dead as Armored AMISOM Truck is Destroyed by Bomb in Mogadishu, Somalia


Earlier this morning, there were reports of an explosion in the capital of Somalia with little information coming in from the authorities in the area.

However, we have been able to verify that five people were killed in the morning blast inside the capital of Somalia.

The blast saw an armoured truck that belongs to the African Union Forces in Somalia blown to smithereens by the terrorists in the area.

The target of the bomb was the armours vehicle which has seen five perish while more have been rushed to the hospital for specialized treatment.

It’s reported that the number of those that have been seriously injured in the explosion could be as high as twenty-three.

No terrorist organization in the area has yet claimed responsibility for the deadly attack on the armoured truck.

A few days ago, the capital of Uganda was attacked by terrorists which saw about three civilians lose their lives in a coordinated twin blast in Kampala.

Al-Shabaab militants targeted a convoy belonging to a local security firm that “guards the UN” in the city of Mogadishu.

Sources said the attack was carried out by an unknown suicide bomber who was driving a car full of explosives.

The explosion took place in front of Mucassar school at Hodan district in Mogadishu killing and injuring students and civilians.

“At least 8 people were killed, 17 injured in Mogadishu car bomb, police. Police also confirmed the target was a convoy belonging to a local security firm that “guards the UN”. Police didn’t say if any UN staffers were hurt in the explosion,” he tweeted.

Al-Shabaab has claimed the attack, saying they were targeting white officers.

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