RIP; Akothee Is Mourning After Her Illness


Death is so cruel, it separates us from our beloved and our close people, it feels so bad when your beloved and close relative passes away.

Therefore, when a loved one passes away, one is torn apart and finds it difficult to move on and accept the situation. That is a lifelong loss that we will never be able to forget because everything is a recollection of such events.

Death is one of the cruelest and most agonizing events that we can’t stop or prevent. All we can do is accept the results and be strong and resilient.

Akothee is a well-known female musician in Kenya who is actively promoting the entertainment business. She’s a fiery woman with a strong will to succeed, and she’ll run for kilometers without stopping.

The mother of four girls is still battling an illness that has landed her in the hospital. She is still putting in long hours in preparation for the Luo festival, which is just around the horizon.

Akoth is in great sadness this morning following the anniversary of her grandfather’s death on November 24th, 2017.

According to her Instagram post, she has voiced her grief over her grandfather’s unhealed wound. Akothee has also shared images of herself with Ogendi when she last saw him standing before he died a month later. Esther Akoth, along with her family, has wished him a good rest.

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