Nandi: Bold Lady In Short Skirt Causes A Stir As She Approaches Ruto for a Job


As Deputy President William Ruto camped at the Kapsabet showgrounds in Emgwen Constituency of Nandi County in the morning of today on November 24th to preside over a fundraiser for the ACK Nandi Diocese, there’s an interesting scene that occurred at the venue of the ceremony that we found worthy highlighting.

The scene unfolded a few minutes into 11 am and shortly after the conclusion of a church service but before the commencement of the speech session, and it involved a bold lady who daringly trusted her instincts to shoot her shot in the hopes of landing greener or whatever pastures with the help of the DP, a man widely known for his generosity.

The DP had was just settling in his seat after receiving various gifts from Nandi elders and ACK, Nandi Diocese church leaders when a young lady from nowhere made her way to the VIP tent stopping a few inches at the DP’s feet.

The lady who was dressed in a relatively short skirt that was maroon in colour and a red coloured t-shirt top was barefooted when she reached the red carpet probably as a sign of respect for the high stature of the person she was approaching.

Upon reaching close to the DP, the lady who was carrying a few papers in her hands knelt before the DP before handing the papers to our second in command causing a stir in the tent as other VIPs around the DP raised on their feet to witness what was going on as seen below.

Then for a minute or so, the DP engaged the lady in a little conversation before asking her to shake hands with other leaders around him and releasing her to join the public as he remained with her papers probably for further action.

Upon getting on her feet, the young lady was also seen wiping her face or rather tears probably after being overwhelmed by her courageous move that will most likely yield fruits. As this was happening, the crowd could be heard shouting that “saidia yeye!”

Below are some other photos showing how that scene unfolded.

Watch the scene unfold at minute 1:30 of the video in the link below.

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