Just in: Nasty road accident at Gikomba

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The number of accidents in the country have been on the rise lately with many Kenyans losing their lives on the roads. Drivers have been blamed for carelessness and over-speeding when on the road thus leading to an increasing number of accidents. Today morning one matatu in Gikomba is reported to knock down 4 people. The motorist was trying to overtake the matatu but sadly was knocked down. The victims were rushed to hospital after they had severe broken legs and head injuries.

The news about the accident was earlier shared on a facebook page. Drivers have always been warned severally of observing road safety but some violate these rules. Unfortunately,this happens to hit their dead ears where most end up ignoring until when one falls a victim. Its hightime everyone driving becomes cautious and watchful on every step they take while on the road to avoid minor accidents that lead to fatalities.

All Kenyans approaching the place are advised to take caution especially the drivers. Investigations by police is currently underway as we await their final say. Opera union also wishes to send our quick recovery messages to the people injured.

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