Expensive And Luxurious Bed Owned By Mike Sonko, Exposed During Video Call (Video)


We all known our governor likes to enjoy the good life even if it means wearing fake designer outfits just for laughs and giggles! Soon after photographs of his Versage went viral, the governor decided to switch things up by showing off his lavish bedroom, giving fans on social media another reason to be critical of his decision.


According to the sources the set of the bed Versace bed which it approximately costs 550$ something which has resulted mixed reaction online. Generally, it was a limited edition ‘Versace Tribute’ collection “Wild Baroque – SS 1992”, which retails at between $750 (Ksh75,000) and $995 (Ksh99,500). Meanwhile, some of the Governor’s favorite designer brands include Versace, Moschino, Adidas and Nike.

Meanwhile, apart from exposing the rot in judiciary video leaks, the former Governor has been engaging himself with his followers in the Facebook account bringing them together and even sending money to them. For a man with money like him, many hoped he would at least have bought a house with a walk in closet; and not the shoe rack seen blocking the bed view.

Indeed Sonko enjoys the fine life and having ‘worked’ his way to the top; the youthful politician can’t help but parade everything he has since achieved. I mean money is no longer an issue, but spending it on the fake designers is what seems to be the problem.

That is not all. Sonko also owns a fleet of high-end gold-plated cars that sometimes form part of his convoy as he snakes his way around the city in a spectacular dance of opulence.

What is the cost of your bed? Meanwhile, comment and share this article widely.

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