Where is Mr Tembo? Ex-Tahidi High principal resurfaces


Much has been told about the existences of entertainers who left Tahidi High, some who sank into gloom while others tracked down new pursuits.

The name Joseph Omari would pass for any conventional Kenyan yet when you notice Mr Tembo openly, goes to turn.

Such is the existence of entertainers whose characters go before their genuine personalities, a destiny previous Tahidi High entertainers have needed to acknowledge.

A couple, for example, Abel Mutua, Philip Karanja and Makena Njeri have had the option to shake off their Tahidi High characters and yet again design themselves.

In those days at Tahidi High, they all used to shiver at the notice of their Principal Mr Tembo who is the subject of todays article.

Much has been told about the existences of different entertainers who left the show, some who sank into despondency while others tracked down new pursuits.

For Mr Tembo, the show remains his greatest income generator because of the way that he was the schools head for quite a long time.

However he was not one of the primary characters, his job was vital and relatively few individuals realized he began as the appointee before he was advanced.

The past office holder bent over as an instructor in one of the state funded colleges and consequently was not accessible for the show when required.

Prior to wandering into acting, Omari attempted his hand in the Posta where he filled in as an assistant prior to moving to Kenya Railways then, at that point, quit.

A chance came for him to make a trip to Uganda with a band and he didn’t spare a moment. He prospered in Uganda where he turned into an exchange unionist and got a family that lives there to date.

Other than Tahidi High, Omari has highlighted in numerous different films including Sue na Johnnie which was made by his understudies Abel and Philip Karanja.

Not at all like numerous entertainers who left the show, Mr Tembo had the option to utilize a significant part of the cash he made to inspire his family and is presently paying off.

Omari currently resides serenely in a house talented to him by his youngsters, some who live in Sweden and Norway.

He said in a new meeting that in spite of Covid-19 intruding on the entertainment world, his kids had the option to help him by sending cash back home and requesting help would be an affront to them.

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