My Gang & I Were On Our Way To Kidnap Some Church Members Before We Got Caught


The man identified as Umar Samaila is a 50-year-old spiritual consultant to notorious bandits and kidnappers terrorizing the Maikunkrle area of Minna, in Bosso local government, Niger State. Below is the photo illustration of him;

Furthermore, Umar Samaila was arrested alonsgide with five other notorious bandits while he was on his way to kidnap some worshipers on Sunday in a Church at Buku village, Abaji area council of FCT Abuja by the police in Niger State.

However, when Umar Samaila was paraded by the Niger State Commissioner of Police, Bala Kuryas, the 50-year-old in his word said, “I’m the spiritual leader to some notorious bandits hibernating in Niger, FCT Abuja and Nasarawa States. Before we weren’t for our last operation that led to our arrest, I already consulted the oracle and I was given the go ahead that we would be successful, unfortunately for us, we were deceived.”

While further speaking, he also disclosed that he had earlier prayed for the release of a suspected bandit known as ‘JULLI’ currently in Police custody at Abuja so that he can continue to operate under his control.

Nevertheless, the Niger State Police Commissioner has vowed to charge the notorious bandit to book and make sure that the other members of the group are also punished for their evil acts.

What should be done to the notorious bandit that was arrested on his way to kidnap some church worshipers

Since Kate’s room was locked from the inside, the hotel’s management after hearing the bell had to call a technician.

By the time the door was broken, Kate’s body was found lying on the floor.

Tamati’s fiance came to know about the sudden turn of events after she was taken by the police to record a statement about her last moments with him.

The police have not yet released a statement regarding the cause of death of Kate Mitchelle.

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