Big Blow To Uhuru As Sonko Says He has His Recording, Hints on When He Will Release It

For the last few days, former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has been hitting the headlines following the disturbing recordings he has been releasing on corrupt Judges. The Governor was impeached last year by the Nairobi County Assembly a motion that President Uhuru admitted to having played a role.

Sonko told Kenyans that he started to record politicians including the President when Nairobians were being evicted from South B. The Controversial politician was a fight against the demolitions that were going on and this could be the reason why the President decided to replace him with the Nairobi Metropolitan Service.

But brave Sonko claims he has even recordings of him and President Uhuru Kenyatta. He reveals some of those recordings are so detailed and they could end up destroying the President. He went ahead to say that he will release the recording of the President on the evictions that were carried out in South B when the time is right.

The motion was also passed at the Senate and it left the controversial Governor jobless. He tried to appeal his impeachment at the High Court but the Judge didn’t nullify the impeachment by the Senate. Sonko alleged to have been fixed by some people in the government who he termed as the Deep State.

Speaking During an interview with one of the local Television Stations, the former Nairobi Governor revealed when he started to record politicians to have future references or proof. According to him, some Judges took bribes in toilets to have his appeal thrown out, and one of the Judges mentioned is Justice Said Chiitembwe.

This is very scaring and it could end the careers of many politicians who have made deals with him. As you can remember the President was a great friend of Mike Sonko in 2017 after he won the Nairobi Gubernatorial seat but things started to get out of hand following Jubilee Party wrangles.

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