“Prisoners Give Out Their Bodies For Food” Ex-Prisoners From Kamiti Say Revealing How inmates Suffer


When the three wanted terror suspects were recaptured in Kitui, it has been revealed that one of them begged police officers to end his life by shooting him claiming that he would rather die than go back to the highly secured Kamiti Maximum prison.

Police officers who arrested the trio claimed that the man said so adding that Kamiti was more of hell than a prison due to what they were going through behind these closed walls. However, the officers who wanted to capture them alive took them to the police station after which they were taken back to the same prison.

However, a man who spent his 3 years behind these same gates has decided to reveal how hard it is for one to escape or even survive behind these gates. The man who has been identified as John Kasyula said that once the gates are closed everything changes.

“It’s full of suffering and I wouldn’t wish it even on my words enemy. I was arrested and charged with attempted murder. I was at the place at the wrong time. At first, I thought it was a joke, we get served Ugali and poorly cooked cabbage. Food is scarce that some men offer their bodies for food”, he said.

Grace Mumbi, a woman who is currently serving her jail sentence has revealed that she is just trying to cope. In her own words, she claimed that she was charged after stabbing her boyfriend. After getting to Langata women’s prison, she found a friend who tried to sleep with her.

In her own words, Mumbi said that these cells change people and unlike what is seen in movies, they leave a mark even after you get released. According to Mumbi, she claimed that it’s very easy for one to break behind these gates.

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