Man Who Jumped Off High Building After Allegedly Killing BBC Journalist


The DCI has unveiled fresh details regarding the sudden demise of BBC journalist Kate Mitchelle at a hotel in Westlands, Nairobi on Friday, November 19.

The fresh details paint the main suspect as a man who was engaged and had booked a hotel room with his fiance in the same building that Kate was staying.

The suspect by the name of Tamati told his fiance’ that he was going to the bar briefly but never came back the whole night.

Kate and the Tamati reportedly had a heated confrontation in her room after several drinks in the bar and when she rang the bell to raise an alarm, Tamati who was severely drunk jumped off from the 8th floor of the building and died on the spot.tarted-addressing-the-press-yesterday/

Since Kate’s room was locked from the inside, the hotel’s management after hearing the bell had to call a technician.

By the time the door was broken, Kate’s body was found lying on the floor.

Tamati’s fiance came to know about the sudden turn of events after she was taken by the police to record a statement about her last moments with him.

The police have not yet released a statement regarding the cause of death of Kate Mitchelle.

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