Gunfight Along Thika Super Highway Leaves Innocent College Student Dead

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Hours ago, a sad incident was reported alongside Thika road concerning an innocent college student who was mistakenly shot dead by police officers. As reported by ‘The Standard’ the incident happened in Ruiru whereby police officers were following a robber who had escaped using a motorbike that had no number plate.

It has been reported that this man has been terrorizing residents and he was in a mission to steal something which made residents inform officers. When he realized that the police where right behind him, he speeded the motorbike. They was a college student behind him who was following so closely in a racing bicycle and police officers actually thought that he was in the robbery mission too.

It has been reported that they shot him dead and left the suspected thief to escape. Up to now, they have not yet arrested the robber and residents are afraid of frequent attacks. The student’s body has been rushed to the morgue waiting for post mortem.

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