Why Betty Kyalo’s Boyfriend Is Trending After This Video Went Viral


Betty Kyalo’s boyfriend Nick Denda has become the talk of the town following a video of his recent interview that has gone viral. Nick Denda who is known for leading a low profile life did an interview with Jalang’o TV where he for the first time opened up about the details of his relationship with Betty Kyalo.

What attracted the attention of many on social media, however, was not the content of the interview, but a slight mistake on Nicke Denda’s part. During the interview, Nick Denda sat inappropriately and accidentally exposed himself badly, something that gave netizens a topic of discussion.

Nick Denda during the interview was sited while wearing a short. This did not seem to work out so well for him as it is what led to the indecent exposure that the netizens could not just get enough of.

Throughout the whole interview, neither Nick nor the host of the show seemed to realize what the netizens had pointed out.

The social media users expressed varied reactions in the comment section of the interview with the primary focus being the accidental indecent exposure.

A section of the netizens, however, jumped to his defense citing that it was a trivial matter that was being blown out of proportion. They claimed that the situation was not as worse as it was being depicted by the social media users noting that they were making it controversial for no good reason.

Nick Denda shot into the limelight after his relationship with Betty Kyalo came to light. Initially, the two had kept it private for a long time. Details of the relationship, however, leaked to the internet forcing them to come out.

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