University Where Students Are Allegedly Surviving on Unripe Fruits


University students commonly referred to as comrades suffer a lot in the course of their professional studies mostly for being far from their own home and entirely depending on parents to send them financial support.


Even though this is all known, the latest claims that students from one of the universities in Kenya are depending on unripe fruits for survival is worrying, where this claim came into existence following the death of a fourth-year student.

The sad story is that it’s alleged that the student died due to lack of food where comrades have been surviving on only one meal a day. The university management is alleged to have called the parents to assist their children with financial support through comments noting that the South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU) is in the arid and semi-arid areas of the country.

This is a very sad state and the government should come up with ways to cushion students from these hard areas through the organization of a relief kitty either on the helb desk or through the university management.

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